Aromatherapy Massage: The Benefits of a Soothing Touch

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Oils are a big part of aromatherapy massage. There are many different oils used for different purposes, and choosing the right one is important. This blog post will discuss what oils to use during an aromatherapy massage, how to prepare for an aromatherapy massage, as well as some side effects that may result from certain oils.

The most popular oils for aromatherapy massage are lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Lavender is used to helping with insomnia and depression as well as act as an antiseptic agent. Eucalyptus is a stimulant that can be calming if you have been exposed to too much cold or heat.

Lavender is classed as an essential oil and is used during the aromatherapy massage to calm and relax. Rosemary oil is a stimulant and promotes clear thinking so it can be used during an aromatherapy massage in order to stimulate brain activity.

Preparing for your aromatherapy massage

It’s simple to prepare for your aromatherapy massage. All you need to do is ensure that your skin and hair are clean. If they’re not, have a shower or bath first.

Next, select the oils that you want to use during your aromatherapy massage (or ask for suggestions from the therapist). Most people like to wear loose clothing so it’s best if these clothes don’t interfere with the massage itself but you don’t need to be naked.

Aromatherapy massage and your hair

Hair: The scalp is commonplace for tension to build up. Aromatherapy oils can be massaged into the hair and scalp in order to help reduce this tension, as well as stimulating blood circulation.

Oils that are rich in essential fatty acids can also stimulate healthy hair growth by preventing breakage from excessive brushing and using treatments

Aromatherapy for joint pain

Joints: The joints are also a common site for tension. Aromatherapy oils can be massaged into the joint to help reduce this tension, as well as increase circulation in order to promote healing and repair of tissues.

Oils high in essential fatty acids will stimulate healthy tissue growth by preventing breakage from excessive activity or injury

Who can give an aromatherapy massage?

An aromatherapy massage is performed by a therapist trained in the practice of using essential oils for healing. You can also perform this by yourself but you won’t get the full result you desire

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